Filling out forms may not be the most exciting thing you think about today, but you can’t deny the importance it has on your business. A properly filled out form tells you everything you need to know about your client and their needs, as well as protects you from legal action should the worst happen and something doesn’t go to plan. However, paper consent and medical forms are not the best option and having your forms filled out on an electronic, cloud based system can help in ways you may not have even thought of yet!

It’s Safer.

            Fires, break ins and other unforeseen circumstances can damage or compromise the information your clients have trustingly provided to you. Not only is this expensive and time consuming, it also sets a poor image of your permanent makeup business. Think of all of the times there have been security breaches in companies you’ve trusted! Have you lost at least a little confidence in their ability to protect your information? It’s normal to feel that way and the impact it has on your clients is not small. They’re trusting you with sometimes very personal information and don’t expect to have it stolen, which could erode their faith in your business. On top of that, if precious permanent makeup consent or medical history forms are destroyed in some kind of accident, you’re leaving yourself open to legal action against you and your permanent makeup business.

It Saves Time.

            We live in the age of the internet and you can take care of all of your important things there, whether it’s reviewing your bank account, applying for a mortgage or buying that amazing new pair of shoes. Why not make it easier on your clients by allowing them to save some time out of their day by filling out forms for their permanent makeup services as well? The perk of having the forms filled out ahead of time means when they come in for their appointment you can skip straight to the good stuff: making them look and feel beautiful!

It’s Convenient.

            Nobody wants to dig through file folders for the form that your client filled out months ago letting you know that she’s has skin allergies and you need to take special precaution while choosing the correct pigments! It’s exhausting and quite frankly, a waste of your time that could be spent creating a beautiful client experience. Instead, using a cloud based system like PMU Sign allows you to have access to all of your client’s information in seconds. No bulky filing systems, just a few clicks on your smart phone or tablet with our convenient mobile app, and you have everything you need to know about your clients. You can even take before and after pictures and attach them to your clients submission so you recall what was done for the future touch up visits.

            Choosing a cloud based system like PMU Sign for all of your permanent makeup consent form needs is the best way to ensure a beautiful, easy and safe experience for all of your clients, regardless of which part of the permanent makeup industry you work in. On top of that, the customization process is easy and intuitive, meaning you have more time for the things that matter, making your client the star of the show and growing your permanent makeup business. Sign up today to try it out for yourself and see all the difference electronic forms make!


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